Hi. I’m Chris Romani, founder of
Romani Branding & Management.

​I started this company after several of my colleagues told me about their income generating hobbies. They loved them, but never thought they could generate enough revenue to have it be anything more. What I found is while they had the creative, most lacked the background to develop a strategic plan and branding.

If you're working 20+ hours on your hobby or 40-50 hours a week on your best idea, it's time to start working smart and develop a strategic plan for your business that is dynamic and sustainable. It's time to talk to RBM.

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​How do you make your ​income transend the game? How do you turn yourself into a personal brand whose recommendations and brand preferences carries weight with your subscribers? ​Romani Brand & Marketing will develop a strategic and multi-axial ​digital strategy that will help you earn passive income by enhancing and optimizing the things that you are already doing.

​Ecommerce Services

​Have the product but don't know the best avenue to sell it? Talk to RBM and let's develop a strategic plan that works for your business now and in the future.

​Digital Services

​Have a product but don't know how to market it? Let's talk and decide on a dynamic solution to illustrate the value of your product. 

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E: romanibandm@gmail.com
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